Resources for the Contemporary
Worship of the Goddess and God
traditions in America

-There are more Hindu temples in America than one might think.
Try looking in your local Yellow Pages under Churches and Temples.
Often resources are listed under Meditation as well. In Flushing
(Queens) New York, just outside of New York city there is a large Hindu temple. Also Wappingers Falls, New York has a Hindu temple with a very friendly community who are more than welcome to discuss Hinduism with you and to allow you to participate. Don't be shy. As a suggestion, you may want to request to learn lamp puja if you are not yet sure which God or Goddess you are interested in. This puja honors divinity in the form of light, the flame of the ornamental lamp and is a very satisfying and beautiful ritual. Very beautiful, and appropriate for a wide variety of individuals.

-On Kuai there is a Hindu Monastery in the Saiva Siddhanta tradition available to Western seekers. They also have a beautiful magazine which can be purchased at many good news stands called Hinduism Today. They can be contacted at and the magazine at

-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Siddhi programs actually has a number of Universities worldwide! Course offerings include Vedic Astrology , Vedic Architecture, Vedic Medicine (Ayur-Veda), Vedic Agricul- ture and of course instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique, Advanced Techniques and TM-Sidhi programs. If you are not a meditator, you should be, this stuff is great! Call (1-800- Learn TM ) to be connected to your local TM center.

To Learn more about Maharishis fully accredited University which offers programs in all fields of Liberal arts as well as Doctoral programs in Science of Creative Inteligence (where all aspects of Vedic Science are studied, including Sanskrit language , Scripture, and Ayur-Veda) There is also a training program in Ayur-Veda which enables you to assist doctors or practice on your own where state law allows it. Contact the University at (WEBSITE).

For those of you who are working, or finished with college, or simply interested in studying Vedic Science from your own home, Maharishi now offers fully accredited University Programs over the sattelite. Contact this program at (WEBSITE)

-The Hindu Student Council's website is a good source of information and can be contacted at .

-For Indian Music try The Gramaphone Company of India's website
at .