In the popular 70s movie, "Jai Santoshi Ma," Birju plays a complimentary song to Santoshi Ma for the village people who worship her.

Birju Recounts the Wonders of Santoshi Ma

Here there, everywhere
Do not ask where is Santoshi Ma
In water, on land, moving and still
Up in the sky, beneath the earth
Our Santoshi Ma is there

Our Mother is extraordinary
Our Mother is marvelous
She can make a mountain from a grain
and a molehill from a mountain
The gates are ajar, the courtyards are open
Come brothers and sisters!
Pity is never lacking at her doors
In a moment you make us happy
You banish all our troubles and work wonders
This is our Santoshi Ma

In her universe we find a most wondrous power
Those overcome by worry must worship her
Hand over your life to here and find salvation
Mother is giver of joy and wealth
There is nothing she can not do
She rights all wrongs
She ends all strife
She rights all wrongs, ends all strife and
she takes away all pain
This is our Santoshi Ma

She is lord Shiva's grand-daughter
and so innocent is she
At the sight of her face every region shook
Come devotees our Mother is everyone's friend and companion
You will get whatever you want
Fill up your bags
Fair and pure,
and beautiful,
Fair, pure, and beautiful,
This is our Santoshi Ma

Birju Recounts the Wonders of Santoshi Ma

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