As a disciple of Santoshi Ma, Satya dances and makes offerings to her favorite goddess in "Jai Santoshi Ma."

Satya Praises Santoshi Ma

I offer up a prayer to Santoshi Ma
Glory to Santoshi Ma!

Love flows in abundance in Santoshi Ma's eyes
Compassion and mercy fill Santoshi Ma's gaze

Let me spend a lifetime lost in Santoshi Ma's gaze
A new miracle shines each day in Santoshi Ma's eyes

I dance for joy
I gaze upon your divine beauty

The sound of glory rings out in the temple of Santoshi Ma
Every day we worship Santoshi Ma

Every day we call her name
I light the lamps, I burn the incense

In Santoshi Ma's temple
I fulfill my life's desires in devotion to Santoshi Ma

Hear Satya Praise Santoshi Ma

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