The Bandit Queen

Phoolan Devi is a low-caste Indian woman heralded by the masses as an incarnation of the Goddess. She rose from poverty, rape, abuse and degradation to infamy as an outlaw, raiding villages with her gang, sharing the spoils with the poor, and avenging her honor. After 11 years in prison she was released by the newly-elected low-caste government. Although almost 40 court cases of murder, robbery and kidnapping are still pending against her, Phoolan Devi currently holds a seat in Parliament.

PHOOLAN Silver-blooded woman revolution
Liquid shakti furious ssh
Oh blood and bones angel,
Inside me on top of me
Love and hate and delirium
Where are you, Phoolan Devi?

In a dream that is no dream
I am with you I
Join you I am you,
Wingtips touching above my head--
Horizontal as a corpse
Floating like fire between the sheets
A holy frozen frenzy rippling
Pulsing between now and

There is no skin between us
We are the righteous moment,
Rightful female heir riding
The revolution inside
The revelation

Without my permission
I choose my side:

We are alive

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