Sarasvati is typically credited with possesing the creative powers of the universe; she is the goddess of the arts, music, dance, theater, and creative art. Her four hands represent four aspects of the human personality in learning; mind, intellect, alertness and ego. In one of her arms she holds a stringed musical instrument, the vina, symbolizing the arts as a whole. In another hand she holds a bundle of manuscripts, a symbol of wisdom and of writing. In her remaining hands, she holds a string of prayer-beads, the symbol of piety, and very often a lotus, the symbol of purity. She is usually dressed in white (a sign of purity) and rides a swan, suggesting that she has transcended limitations and imperfections of the material world.

Kinsley writes that Saravati also underlies, inspires, and embodies the arts. She provides inspiration for poets and is present wherever artistic excellence is evident. Poets often praise her assistance or ask for her help. Sarasvati is manifest wherever human culture exists. Inspiring and embodying both the arts and sciences in human culture, she represents the greatness of human civilization in all its richness and diversity.

It is said that prayers to Sarasvati bring artistic inspiration. So I tried it, and the following two links are pieces that Sarasvati inspired in me.

Hear My Music Inspired by Sarasvati

Another Piece

A Guitar Song for the Goddess

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