The Goddess and Music

Three Cases of Musical Worship

Not only is Hindu Goddess worship an area of academic and religious interest, but it is a living tradition, an area of continuing growth and change. The very nature of the Goddess is somewhat musical; she comes and goes with graceful fluidity and uniquely touches each person's life using the same words and sounds.

These pages contain living aspects of the goddess: information and examples of how people bring her into their lives through creations of music. What happens to music when it is touched by the Goddess? What styles, techniques and sounds are symbolic of divinity? What can music relay to the goddess that offerings and words cannot? The links below lead to three cases of musical worship from which we may divine some of these answers; devotional worship, divine musical relationships, and the inspiration of all arts.

Santoshi Ma - Devotional Music
Radha & Krisna - Musical Love
Sarasvati - Divine Inspirer of Arts

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