There is one thing you need to know before you start.
There are many Goddesses. There is one Goddess.

This site is an exploration into the nature of the Goddess. It started as a class, a seminar at Vassar College, "Goddess Traditions in India and Tibet," taught by E. H. Jarow. You can see the sources we used in the class. It evolved into an exploration of what each member of the class saw as the Goddess, and her many manifestations. As our final project we decided, instead of writing a paper that would simply sit in Professor Jarow's drawer gathering dust, to write a web page on the subject. Each of us added our own contributions to this page. This website is the work of fifteen very different individuals, and we hope that our own unique insights may add to ideas on the goddess.

The members of this class, and their contributions:
Jodi Bass Contemporary Poster Art
Jessica Cheney The Goddess and Violence
Chris Davies The Resurgence of Polytheism
Deirdre Debruyn The Goddess Sati, the practice sati
Lauri Friedman Music related to the Goddess
Sathya Gosselin Pollution and Ganga Ma
Brook Higham Poetry and Art of the Goddess
The Real Life of Phoolan Devi
Autumn Jacobsen A Story for Children: Durga and the Slaying of Mahisa
Melissa Johnson The Goddess and Healing
Erin Kissane The Goddess on the Edge, an essay in Four Parts
Tara Knowland Tara and the Tantric Body
Kali in the West
Radha: Consort Goddess
Christina Mason The Goddess in Modernity
Bowie Snodgrass Asexual Births of the Goddess
Divine Spirit Possession
Florence Trover Kali and Lilith, Goddesses of our Age
Durga, Demon-Killer
Sitala, Goddess on Disease
Sati, bringing Siva into the World
Adrienne Young The Goddess and Fertility

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